Sunday, 23 September 2012

hijab and club..

" why are you people stuck your mind about to be open minded?" hmm... why?

termenung sekejap, sebentar bersama kitkat, just because of I was thinking about the language that should be use in order to talk about. hmm.. I'm chosing malay , memartabatkan bahasa kita!! yeahh!!

awat?? selama nie aku duk typing in omputih, kira aku x memartabatkan bahasa kitalahh? judgemental kita sekarang, kata nak jadi seorang yang terbuka mindanya. nah.. masanya, pikiaq lebih mendalam sikit, awatnya yang aku suke entri in omputih.

xpalah, jom masuk terus tajuk post aku hari nie (harap maaf sekiranya cek banyak rojakkan) heheehehehehe

ramai orang duk pulaih sana, pulaih sini, kutuk sana, kutuk sini, duk bising apa xtaw??? oooo... artis tu masuk kelab pakai tudung pastu kena halau.. sOOOOOO???? whatTT?? pity on her?? or memang patut pun kena halau? or pak guard tu belajaq  agama?? naaaaAAAAAAhhh start now malaysian or wherever you come from readers.. think!!! nowww... let's start the judgement.. memang, isu nie untuk kita judge, tuduh menuduh, start la fitnah mefitnah ( xbetuii Ka? maaflah...)

mai la aku start omputih aku (but I'm not saying that I looked stupid if I speak in malay, don't judge me thru the languages I used to be)

my view upon this matter..
well, my fellow brothers and sisters, it wasn't a shocked news when someone had been chased out from entering the club because of Hijab. Why is it should be the newspaper highlight? I was asking to myself. Is it for a marketing tricks of the publisher? or perhaps to give the anger surrounding the Muslims regarding to the action of the guards.  Only Allah know. wallahualammm...

I'm nobody, I'm just a writer with an empty mind wrote about this, but what I can share with you guys just some of what Allah (Subhannahu Wa Taa'ala) said:

وَتَعَاوَنُوا عَلَى الْبِرِّ وَالتَّقْوَى وَلَا تَعَاوَنُوا عَلَى الْإِثْمِ وَالْعُدْوَانِ 

"Cooperate in righteousness and piety, and don't cooperate in sin and transgression" [TMQ Al-Ma’idah: 2]. 

Allah (Subhannahu Wa Taa'ala) has warned us about partaking in the evil gatherings that take place in a night club. When there are places serve alcohols, drugs,  dance and sex, automatically it is Haram for the muslims. Agree? or Agree to disagree? hmmmm. Correct me if I'm wrong..

people, as I wrote above, Allah already warned us from being here ( night club). why??? unfair isn't it??? astaghfirullah.. as a Muslim  we must know, this is for our pride of being a Muslim, and Islam isn't just a name or a word. Islam is a religion, what meaning by religion is belief, what belief?? Iman to Allah. What is the meaning of Islam: 'selama', save ,  purity, submission and obedience. Submission to the will of Allah and Obedient to His law. So, let me ask you, what is the law?? hmmm you know it well dude. But, do you practice it well? Are you Islam in a word?( I hope none of us will be like this, amin).

So, when our intention to be in there just for a meeting with all of your friends, is it valid for us be in there while we are wearing hijab, when Islam in your heart and Allah is your God. If Allah just suddenly cross into your mind, remind yourself about the meaning of Islam, obedient to His Law, recall back what do's and don's. "should I move the steps into here, or turn back and set a new date with them?" which one you should do? you know it well (of course! I never paid for a tutorial here okeyhhh ... leklok sikit naaaaa heheheheh).

"well hallooo, i'm wearing hijab okay, with a guarantee no alcohol in my hand, no touch n go easily".. ya assalammualaikum (whoever think they are like this) of  course, no alcohol, no touch n go, but we talking about the place my dear, you just on your way to the night club with an intention to meet your friends, okay... let be clear of this, if we walk to the mosque, every step with take to go there will be step of reward, how if every meter we drive to the night club, it will be meter of sins.. agree?? okay now, no alcohol and no sex in you, but the place you're in, is the places of alcohol, dance, drugs and sex. Doesn't it giving you a very clear thought about this??? you are not having these but you are in a place where all these are here, it just a same.

whatever it is, it's just my opinion about this and i never try to judge or advice someone who is older than me about their islam. Forgive me if i'm wrong, teach me more, share a lot, it is because we must travel and face everything to gain everything about knowledge. World Wide Knowledge are not easy to get it if we never put an effort on it.

aku asa cukup dah kot.. evidence pasal hOk nie.. lagu mana yang xbley, lagu mana yang boleyh... then nak wat gena.. apa-apa statement yang kuaq dari benak hati nie haruslah didahulukan dengan fikiran yang celik skitttttt..nie tak.. pakai hentam jaa.. aku not try to judge anyone or anybody ( xsma kot maksud.. hahha) tapi aku nasihatkan diri aku dan jugak hampa wahai 'readers' ..

Allah (Subhannahu Wa Taa'ala) has emphasised this in many places in the Qur'an:

إِنَّ فِي خَلْقِ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالأَرْضِ وَاخْتِلاَفِ اللَّيْلِ وَالنَّهَارِ لآيَاتٍ لِّأُوْلِي الألْبَابِ 

"Verily, in the creation of heavens and earth, and in the difference between night and day are signs for those who have minds" [TMQ Ale-Imran: 190] 

tukannnnn.. so no people in this world are perfect, yes we are perfect creation of Allah but do we have this ability to do the same thing like Allah??? (krekkkk..krekk.krekk..) of course tak! even manusia yang nak klon pun .. tersengguk2 lagi kat dalam makmal...hahahahha..

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Why Maybank Should Give Me ticket to Legoland

I wish to go there,  Legoland today!! but I don't have enough money (please sympathy on me..hehehhe >_<)
wait! don't simply said =I'm bored.. scroll down a bit if your screen not big enough to read my writing babe.
I have my own reason, to you.. lend me your eyes.. please ..

the reason is all about you Maybank..hahhhaha (dush!! kena tampaq sebijik, just straight to the point) . why should I have the ticket given by you? scroll down a bit:

  1. my parents is a Maybank user (interested??) >_< : wasn't a duck face, but a cute face of me..???(krikk..krikkk..krikk) why don't you just give it to me , both of my parents is your faithful users, since they have born in this wonderful world. They encourage me to state this answer as one of the reason for the ticket though I will go with my sister IF I GET the TICKET.. =D hehehhehehe..
  2. my sponsor give me monthly RM601.21, if RM601.21-RM140.00=RM461.21, see... if i spend of my money to go there, it won't enough to support me . well , of course.. i'll promote to all my friends, when they ask "why hang eat maggi? where is hang punya money?", i said " Mee sedap terasa sedapnya". 
  3. lego can help your children to be more creative and be a fast learner, be a monster(if they bored, they have a high tendency of throwing away all the legoos toward you) hhehehehehe... so let me enjoy with the children over there, tell them how i can be like this, clever like me, nice like me, talkative like me, happy like me, all because of the legoo (krik..krik..krik..krik..).
  4. i only can draw a legoland for you..scroll down a bit to let me reinforce my reasons hahahhaa
i'm not a vlogger, even a director, i  just an amartur that trying to do something for giving you a best person to be in Legoland.. 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

moment will be last on this year

last two days was our college event for Meriahnya Raya, organised by my Super junior. they reminded me to the past two years, when I was on the first year, our batch also did this ( organiser) and we created a best moment together while decorate the place for the event, every angle of the place leave us with a best moment. The best part was when we tried to open up the Lemang, the lemang was so hard to open it, though the strength of the boys also can't open it. Until one of the girl in my batch ( She is amni) act as a incredible hulk, tried so hard until she need to spread her legs, just to success in order to take  out the 'pulut' from the Lemang (am i right?). ultimately she did well okeyhh.. girls power everyone!! a pieces of moments. well, no batch or even my junior  can't fight us, about what???? the most food record holder ..babe!! we have serve 3 main menu and a lot of side food actually. So, there was no limit for the food, just take it whatever you want to eat.
heaven!! so heaven!! I miss this moment so much..

ok let's move on to this year okay. hmm.... well a bit sad for this year, because some of us do not have enough time to change the clothes like my junior (2nd year) they went to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah as a visitor before their being posted there next week. Issue here was , our bus can send them back to the hostel but there are no bus for them to go to the campus. so, they have to obey on this. so just went to this event with a uniform. they were so pity. so, if our event were held in our hostel's college maybe they can wear their baju raya and we all can be fun together, enjoy the moments. whatever it is, the event was going well, alhamdulillah..

i would like to write more about this event, but I couldn't find any words and even to create such a nice and beautiful sentences in order to describe my feeling, their enjoyment and their happiness. that is why, i need you guys to scroll down a bit, to see the pictures of the moments. enjoy our moments

before the event, we have a camera syndrome, addicted to a camera, never care of what brand. as long as it is a camera.
in front of the hall for the event .

still happy even with a uniform suit.. that's okay.. you guys still can eat.

first year, second years and the third years.

credit to me pliss

sume dah berpunya except aku.

pasangan bahagia, the fact is each of them have their own partner. coincidently wearing the same colour.

my rumate


my teddy bear!! ekin samat

L not for losers ok... 

wak jono..hahhaahha

we are the final year students of college radiography Universiti Malaya Medical Centre 

hai!! credit to nadz


every piece of picture giving you a thousands memories.. keep it well. the time keep moving, there are no term of 'backward' in our memories.. 

Friday, 14 September 2012

wonderful weekend with Sg. Congkak.

Last weekend, on 8 september, my friends and I went to Sg. Congkak. We rented a car , Naza citra, well, we just a student, our sponsorship doesn't enough for the down payment of a car, so in order to be somebody that's look affordable, we decide to rent the car. Luckily, the Naza citra can fit us ( 8 people in a car) and of coz someone who is a taller like me should be in the middle rather than be at back of the car
this why I'm suit to be in the middle.

back to the story, 
for the first time in my life, I was allowed to be in part with all of my friends spending our weekend in a river.. strange right?? i'm 20 years old, but this was my first time, wouldn't it make sense??hahahahaha.. well, when i was in sweety 18, mom said " 4 places that you shouldn't go, and you will never be allowed to go are...........
  1. beach
  2. river
  3. waterfall
  4. cascade. 
:(... there are one of the rules that i need to go thru once i was signed to be in here, in UM medical centre. well, no mom in this incredible world wanna see their children on a hospital's bed or even waiting for their children outside of the operation theatre. 
then!! how i got the permission to go? ? haaaa.. i allowed myself to go.. actually.. on the guarantee of my Along. heheehehehehe..mengongkannn..
nevermind, just skip bout that okay, now let  me story2 about what happened along the way I went to Sg. congkak.

she is the driver, nuts right? yadhah. she's cute, small but she drive naza citra ok.
even the rent service manager didn't believe it her capable of driving this kind of a big car to her.
but I believe on you okay!! 

 here I come!!! why air terjun Sungai Gabai?? what aaa... actually, the first planned was this place, we wanna went here, it is because we had never went to a waterfall since we lived in Kuala Lumpur. Coincidently we heard about Sg. Gabai waterfall, packing and prepared everything for a picnic, when we got there, we happily paid RM 8 for 8 people, we were so exciting to be here after 2 hours journey from UMMC. Unfortunately, we found that, so many people here and limited space for us, Sayangnyaaa.. kann.. the waterfall was so beautiful . scroll down a bit look at this picture

wonderfull view that we get. it was so nice being here, maybe next time. Insya'Allah.amin

seem Sg. Congkak not too far from here (waterfall), we decided to go there.

another half an hour I guess to be there... errr i'm not sure of the time actually. anyways, we arrived on 12 noon at the Sg. Congkak everyone!! waaaaa..... finally!

we are here!!
i don't want to write too much, as you know the happening of our picnic can't be describe with a long sentences even with a long story or it never depends on how long my finger dancing on the keyboard. so in order to share with you guys.. scroll down a bit, a little more, some more.. and more : look at the pictures, well i'm not a DSLR users, i just capture using my X8 and ekin's samsung tab. enjoy ..

she is ekin, the owner.
shhhh: actually those people there, didn't having their shower yet. The Fact.

she is our chef, our mOMMy(blue shirt). served the food for a picnic.

I must take a good care of this..

aku je xmandi, mak cek x bagi + aku takut x bnyak..

my bangle! crystal clear waters

just nice in place.

look fresh ...

we went to putrajaya after mandi manda..hehhee

hai!! i'm charmp bucket.

my roomate and ekin

in Sg. Gabai waterfall

my roomate and I

love you teddy bear!! hahaha

some mini instax for your eyes.

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