Monday, 27 August 2012

what i did last day of fasting month.

on 19 August of 2012 @ 1st Syawal of 1433H, all the muslim around the world have been celebrating our Hari Raya Aidilfitri after a month fasting.

This year for a month I'm having my fasting month in my university, without any of my weekend have been spent with my family. well, I just weekly went to my sister's house, at least they are here, and I can break the fast with them even my parents and my beloved younger brother are not around. It still can be considered as a family. Alhamdulillah.
well it was my moments along the fasting month.

Now let me share with you guys how I went back to my hometown.
during the first two weeks of the fasting month, I went to Plaza rakyat searching for ticket to go back home at Perlis yoooo, unfortunately, there're no more ticket left for the friday night, there are only two options, there are Friday on 17 August at 10 a.m or Saturday on18 August 10 a.m.

perhaps, you guys might think, I will go for the first choice (  Friday on 17 August at 10 a.m ), well maybe it was a fate,  I have chosen  Saturday on18 August at 10 a.m , huhuhuhuhuhuhu... bad.. too bad guyss!! while you are waiting for the Saturday, all your friends just counting  the time to meet their parents on Friday.

try to guess why I choose Saturday.. I'm not stupid, nor to skip from doing all the chords at home before celebrating Hari Raya. The fact is, I have only one class ( only one class (T_T)).... need to be attend and it was compulsory. The class was ended on 12 noon. so nak buat Genaaaaa... move on!! 

everyone! everybody! Now is the day. The day I will leave the Kuala Lumpur for only a week..hahhahahh only FOR a week leave.. WTF! Wow That Fantastic. =D
On the wonderful of Saturday on 18 August at 10 a.m I was in the bus, be ready to moved from KL to Perlis, unfortunately... ( still challenging and terrible ) :
 Abg bas : dik! hang nak p kangaQ ka? ( are you going to kangar?)
me: haaa awatnya?? ( yes, why?)
Abg Bas: naik bas belakang , hat nomboq tiga sana, bas nie malas nak masuk kangar dah.. ( could you be on the third bus, at the back, we are not going to Kangar anymore)
me: fineeeeeeeee.... ok PAKCIK!

hampa taw dakk!! nie yang nak marah!! bayaq mahal2 x mau masuk , dah tu bagi bas buruk kat aku!! SHIT!
everybody deserve to get a lot of challenge to let them be more tough and strong, I'm not the exception dude...
the bus was too bad in standard condition. Shaking me well like we are in the gigs, I bet you, you can just have your own personal massage machine here, doesn't need to buy the ogawa machines, the sits in this bus can give the shaking that you want when they hit something. grrrrrrrrrrrr...

I just make a damn, fucking, slut song in my deep strong heart about this bus, while pray to Allah, bless us, all the muslim in this bus, and please forgive us , Astaghfirullah... because we can't perform solat. The driver didn't stop for just 30 minutes as he wanted to avoid the traffic jam in Juru Pulau Pinang.

Alhamdulillah, in a terrible journey, in a trouble of time, in a damn bus , I arrived in Perlis at 8 pm.
My parents break their fast in the car while waiting for me.
I'm hugging them tightly, I miss them so much!!!
 alhamdulillah, but i hate Mar%$#@!******* compony of the bus!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


how could love told me this way
make me feel just a fake wonderful of yours
every moment that we have, was a best scene in every part of my life
till now.
i hope that you will tell me that you and her just a friend.
but "I love her, I love to be friend you"" , make me for fun, that was my thought.

every tears of mine, didn't told you that I was a pity girl asking for your love.
this is tears for the fake, for the lies , for the moments, for the time that we had spent together.
while talking to you just now, you such a sweet and damn man.
I walk away without turning back. bye... thanks for everything and thanks for being my partner.

how do i say goodbye to what we had, the good times that made us laugh outweigh the bad, i thought we'd get to see forever, but forever gone away - it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Berbuka Bersama Anak-anak yatim Bakti Ikhlas

Yesterday was a wonderful blessing day, the event was held on 11 August 2012 @ 22 Ramadhan 1433H at rumah anak yatim Bakti Ikhlas. For your information, before starting of this fast month, our college had collected a donation for them through selling a cookies by each of the students. And today was a day to give our donation.

selingan..: before gerak gi umah anak yatim.. we all final year.
sampai saja kat sana, kitorang berkenalan dengan dorang, ask them to introduce themselve, one by one. some of them a bit shy. well, of course, even aku pun not too easy to chat or even to be friendly to someone that I never know before. unfortunately, not all of them berbuka with us, because our event clash with the other event, where some of them went to hotel untuk berbuka bersama golongan VIP. That's ok, but at least, they all still be here with us for some activities before berbuka and before half of them went to the hotel.

fasa pertama: malu2 lagi..nie.. sikit orang lagi.. ada gi yang x twun2 g..

see.. dah ramai.. ramai bukan pa.. pasai yang len tu budak2 UMMC gak 

after several of time , chat here and there. Our MC divide us into 6 groups, and then sume anak yatim was asked to be in any groups that they want. We playing a game, game tu nama dia pa tak taw.. sat ( pikiaq2) yang pastinya, game tu about egg and the straws. 
they gave us an egg and 11 straws. What we need to do is, build a cases for the egg and make sure that when they throw it from up stair of the building, the egg stay remain as egg and not broken. Well, grateful to have this kind of group, so fun, very talkative , aggressive and then the best thing was, Our group Lamborghini a winner for this game!! awesOme!!!! oh yeahhh!!!

haaa ni laa.. some of them yang group ngan aku.. yang dua baju purple, baju biru dua orang tu, and then yang kecik molek baju teh susu.. dalam gambar nampak baik ,, tapi dorang happening!!! thanks adik!

well, someone make me interested to know, he a bit shy, 15 years old ( same age with my younger brother ! miss my brother!!) also a boy. he sit beside me. while talking with me, he will look down , down and down.. aku plak suka bergurau senda.. " awat ang tak terus sujud ja dik" hhahaahah... well he actually humble and then he told me how he come into this new family. He was not alone, he with his younger brother.. just two of them. his name is Luqman Al-Hakim. sedap kan nama nie.. cita2nya nak jadi IMAM muda.. insya'Allah.. kak syam doa yang terbaik untuk adik.. 
at first, pemalu.. tapi lama2 dah boleh sembang rancak dengan kak syamira nie...hoyeee..... !!!! hehehe

nie la adik beradik tu.. kanan : Luqman Al-Hakim , kiri: x ingat dah.. Luqman just told me that they was brought by 'datin' last two years. then what had happened last two years... x berani plak aku nak tanya soalan sensitif. 

this is jazlan and adik kecik nie...

ekin samat and me

hakimah (women in red) hahaha

jazlan and saifullah


he was so upset because we want to go back home.. 

masih lagi sedih.. but dorang try to make him happy..

this is nazri ( imam muda)

there are only three things that are important in life: to be kind, to be kind, and to be kind.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

need a reference to be nice girl for your boy? what say me?

hi! everyone , happily good morning and Assalammualaikum
wanna mumbling and running my fingers on the keypad today!!
do you ever heard about people out there, trying  to be the best in front of their lover by refer to the books?
I recently do that. hahahahha.. 
but let me share my view regarding this, well it is not  the hot issue , but it just something that just crossed in my mind while I look at the sky in this morning.

there's a lot of book, journal, blog, website that bring you to the step of going to be a best  girlfriends in a relationship. what they teach you?
  • to be nice
  • lower down your ego
  • smile
  • polite and soft hearted
  • leave all the harsh words that you used to be.
  • pamper and romantic
  • be gentle as a girl.
and so on... heheeeh
well I'm not here to judge it as : BAD... NO!! okay.... to me it such a sweet thing that you do in order to remain the best relationship that you had and practice to be better than before. so Sweet!! don't you think so?

to me, that is okay if you allz follow what is the best and affordable for you. But when your life just depends on the way they ask you to be, sometime it will not look natural. In fact, it will look fake. why? It is because, you will pretend to be gentle though the truth is you are not like that, and then you feel " WTF, why i need to be like this? this is not me..", and there're statement ' pampering with him, he love the way you pampering with him' and then what you do? of course be more pamper towards him, and then the suddenly changes of yours will make him questioning all the time "what is wrong with you?" I'm not trying to deny it , that is true, who are the boys in this world doesn't want their gf pampering with them?  no one. okay... 

but, what is exactly you have to do is, try to find out what exactly your character that they most fave of. after that, you suit all the measures that you have read with your own character. so it seem not to be fake at all, and boys not going to questioning all day long, and you will be more comfortable with yourself. 

plus, you're not trying to discredit yourself. It is because:
  •  you learn
  • find out what are the character that you have
  • suit it with your character.
doesn't it look naturally?? I just trying to tell you guys, some people getting trouble on this, finally, their boyfriends will say this " I don't want anybody except you, I just only love you and not 'this'" that is sweet things, because it's shown that  he accept you as who you are.

conclusion is 
  • you don't have to be someone else
  • be yourself
  • don't be fake, try to suit it with your character.

we actually need a reference in our life to be more better and better. we just need to repair instead of change it. 

love is a wonderful in this world. find out what is the wonderful in your relationship. appreciate the wonderful of yours. 

p/s : don't be fake or you will suicide your life. hehehehe

Friday, 10 August 2012

Honest, being Honest and To be Honest

refer to wiki, is about integrity,  truthfulness, straightforwadness along with the absence of lying, cheating or thefts.
the Principe of Honest, will be used in life as a human being either  in work, study and relationship.
doesn't mean you need to be honest only for your love, but of course the main relationship that you need to be care about is your parents.
their hope is to see their children live happily and always being responsible and respect to them. So how you respect them? is all about Honest right? when you did these ( respect, responsible, humble and be nice), actually you already put your high honesty to your parents as where should they be.
how about loving? do I need to said ' it's up to you?', might be because you already know how to love your lover?
let me share something to you. It is about Being Honest and To be Honest. look easy but practically, most of couple having trouble in this... trust me..  because I'm one of them.

Being Honest:
easy to do but couldn't do..
white lies, it looks simple but just a little lies, can be a worse when it starting to spread around like a hot chocolate cake.
don't tell lie. when you lies, even a simple lie, you are not expressing who you are and you are trying to express the false impression of yourself, don't you? you should be nice in being honest, humble , respect and responsible, there are Honest army .

To Be Honest
  • don't keep things hidden from your loved ones.
  • tell her/he the true about you, don't simply think that, there are nothing about you to be bother about. It is because when someone trying to poke your relationship, there will be a lot of things they can use to threaten your relationship.  
  • don't overlook the other person's  fault just to keep a relationship with them
  • don't LIE

having honesty in all your relationship will make your life easier. honesty can be the fertile soil  upon which a relationship can grow and flourish.

Dishonesty is like a weed, subtle and small at first, which when left unchecked can choke the life out of the relationship.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Alhamdulillah, for the wonderful night that have been given by Allah for us to rest all our mind, and be more productive for the future.

I wish a  wonderful night to all and sweet dream .
tonight, I would like to write about, Honest, Faith in a relationship, but I hope, Insya'Allah, tomorrow will be the day for the story. Amin...

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

what happened on your day?

a part of my life standing on the wall of reality and the rest in fantasy,
Oh god show me the way, if he is not for me, let us be in our own way in this wonderful world.
SubhanAllah, God, you have created The World with the wonderful variety of life, the Incredible multiple of atmosphere with a dawn, twilight, day, night, autumn, springs, summers and winter.
As a servant of you, I bet, the suicide will be the decision if I'm not in the faith of my religion, Islam. Alhamdulillah. I'm still sane, not the matter of love make me mad to suicide, that is nonsense ok.:D, there's different matter happened at the past. so, I wish to Let Bygone be Bygone

For TODAY...
I pray to god to show me the best way to solve this problem, if the truth is the same as I heard, I will let him go without any hurt feeling. May god bless them. Amin. And I will take this as a lesson of my previous life story. Karma is everywhere waiting for their victims.

If this is the truth, Alhamdulillah, the time is right to the situation, we will ultimately not seeing each other and of course after this Hari Raya, we will never have chance to be coincidently bumped each other. Insya'Allah.   

Friday, 3 August 2012

a moment to live.

I have lost in my own world,
back home to renew everything that I have,
people around talking nonsense, acting like they know better,
judge me by my cover, not inside,
remind me to the past, every moment that we have never make us strong as a family, but almost to enemy,
I realize now, I'm nobody.

nobody picture perfect,
everybody has their own dark side, I'm not the excepted. agree?
learn to forgive, learn to move on, be calm, be more relax.
that is how I go through all my days.
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