Saturday, 22 December 2012

Nuclear Medicine. The best environment.

this week I was in  Nuclear medicine Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya. Usually, there were two people in each of the special room. However, when it came to my turn , I was alone in there as a student.

at first, I found they're stranger to me, the only familiar people on that time was my super senior. During my first day, I really didn't know what to do and what should I knew and  learned here. This is because it was my first time and never knew what were the type of the cases that were doing here. The best reward for the first day been given to me, hambik koo.. a lot of question and a lot of term make me dizzy and blur . However, I never stop writing along their words, as I didn't want to miss any of words that will giving me a lot of information. Well, even I was being given a lot of question, I never felt it was a burden but I felt glad, for sure! because it made me learned something good.

the next day, on Tuesday  I met someone, who's look too quiet and very serious too. He called me and asked me what I've had learned for a day in here, and then he took a look at my note book and asked for a pen. He wrote me a lot of question and he said , at least I knew the objective of being in here. He also asked me to follow the roster that had been stated for a student in here accordingly. when I'm started got to know him, this guy turn to be more talkative ,he teaches me and gave me a lessons for something about a life. he was the best mentor for me. I didn't want to describe about him too much, I had no right to write everything , enough if I just shared how I felt towards Nuclear Medicine.

A week in here, all the staffs in here were very nice and never treated me like a student but they treated me like a staff, so that I will never felt strange in there with them. They help in giving me answer for each of my question, teach me to use the machine and how to process the images. Great! The work flow in here was very calm and all the staff had work together, no one loitering during their working time, never complained, just do their work and help the other room to finish it clearly.

The best thing in here, during afternoon, there were no patients. Not to say, no patients at all. But the fact was, yes got a patients, it was just only 2-4 people only. So, mostly during afternoon , i just sat in the hot lab and solved all of the question.

in the spect-ct room. writing a note. quite bored because alone in here.

when my watch shown 4.25pm, I've had started to wish and greet anybody around to say 'thank you, and see you guys tomorrow'. everyday I spoke the same thing. And the best thing happened for this week was, there were two events held and I got a free lunch for two days. best kannn.. so wonderful. and Alhamdulillah, rezeki I okayy....

when it came to the last day in here on the friday, I felt something in this heart, I didn't want to leave the best work place like this. I felt the calm while worked in here .

I'd like to work in here in the future, if the offer only 4 people out of 23, I might not be the one who fight for that, because I already being informed that, there were a lot of people in my batch want to work over here, so I choose not to fight or arguing. It is because, I already know how their mode and their attitude. I'd rather give in than fighting.

so. I acknowledged this experience, and I hope I will feel the same thing for the next week. I will work in The Institut Jantung Negara for the next week.

assalammualaikum and I feel too bad, because it seems to long I never update this site. Oh mY guCCieee. but then, I have my own reason for those who's thought me that I'm not an active person as a blogger and never trust my site to be the followers. well everybody have their own life's activities and I'm not excepted.
for all this while, my silent from sharing with you guys everything around me was because I'm having my final exam and busy with my proposal for the final year project. Alhamdulillah, all had done well and after the final exam , the proposal finally been passed up on the last day I was in my campus. And now, the time went fast, after the sem's break for two weeks, I'm waiting the result from my ethic department regarding to this proposal. like other leaders, I'd hope  my proposal can give me a relief breath after this december. aminnnnn..

And today, I was sitting in front of my lappy in my new sems, I'm still in third years , second sem and I was hope that this new sem giving me a new look of surrounding and mould a lovely moments with all of my friends in my coursemate.

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