Wednesday, 31 October 2012

can you feel the frienship around?

what are the meaning of friendship for you? take them as a slave for everything till you satisfied ? or leave when you feel tired? or just listen and be silent.

assalammualaikum and very good morning, good afternoon or maybe good evening and good night ... zzzzZZZZ ( who will be my readers? oh please I need your support). the topic for today, as you know, it have been a long time I've never update this lovely site and I miss it everyday, tapi nak wAT genaaaa.... what to do if I have to choose between assignment and blog. well, of course I have no choice ( opssss.. WRONG! got a choice actually) the choice is to finish all the assignment that  I never like.. huhuhuhuhu.. who else on this earth love the words of 'AsSIgNMENT' who? yess .. I know.. lecturers, teacher, sensei... huaaaaahuaaahuaaa..

well.. ehhemmm back to the topic please, okay.. now.. wait? what I'm going to say?? already forgot and it shouldn't be happen okay!! no.. tak mau.. tak mau lagu ni.. ( abis hampa nak lagu apa?..haahahaha xsyok sendiri naaaa) ...

 friend. not a typical words to say, to be and to have . am I right? correct me guys. who are among you that doesn't have any best friend in your life, not to say just a best friend but perhaps a friend. let me share something, there are some people have a lot of friend until they got a problem to treat them well, some have only a friend and get sick of it hmmm (how?) but the thing is , do you truly know the meaning of friend guys??

simple, the question is so simple and you still can't answer even a minute is given right? some people might said, friends is a book, friends like a candle, brighter the whole life (konon.. dann.. dan.. ) , friends like a.. aaaa.. like a  .aaa... arghhhh (please klik like banyak2) hahahahaha... I don't mind whatever that will be the answer , because we are not being born to be a same people with a same thought but we can have some related view about everything happening around us . am I right?

friend is ..... why supposed to be here, because the meaning of the friend is too abundant and who am I in here to describe about the meaning of a friend, we actually have it on your own, and we know better about this.

but who among us, can feel the friendship around you?. well, a lot of people said that, a friend is when you get to know them in and out, spending a long time with them, cry and laugh together and they proclaim everything about them without anything hidden at the back. when we have all these kind of this properties in our friendship, they actually are the friends who wouldn't leave you in any of crucial condition.

Can anyone translate to me something? which is, when your friend got a problem and make a mistake, a BIG mistake, do you going to leave your friend? never trying to repair anything broken in anywhere, or you just make a big X in front of your friend's face? pretending that your friend never are in among you guys as a one group? I tell you,  .. this is not a friendship spirit.

when your friend is trouble maker, what should do? leave that trouble maker alone? ignore your friend?

actually,  be with your friend in whatever condition, trying to solve not to add some more burden, tell your friend what to do .. please make it beneficial towards both of you guys. never let them cry without you, wipe their tears and make them smile. Just in this way, even a big problem can be solve easily, can be face with confident, your life will happily ever after.

where else you can find the sweetness of friendship, if you can't mould it in your own way.

p/s: put your hand on your heart, feel the beat, say alhamdulillah..

Friday, 12 October 2012

We are not pushing button

Assalammualaikum and a very good morning or maybe a very good afternoon and not to forget of our evening, a very good evening (what is the heck is wrong with you charmp!!!! ). As Allah have created this world with day and night, who might know when will some of the readers will be on the screen enjoying my blog. make sense right??? Insya'Allah.. (if tak, mai luku ja kepala Haaku niee..hahahah)

who are among you guys know where I come from? the best question is who knows where is it I'm studying ? I never reveal my study place right? well, almaklumlah tak berapa nak cerdik, butttttttttttt I never mention that I wasn't in a group of outstanding people, well the fact is yes.hahhaahh.. opssssssss!! LOW profile is compulsory in this site. Take note please. =D

I was studying in University Malaya Medical Centre. I took part in a program of diploma radiography for three years, starting from 26 July 2010 to 1st July 2013. Alhamdulillah, today's on 12th October 2012 I'm already in a final year and I've just need to be in this course for another 9 months and Insya'Allah as the date have been stated before, I hope I will successfully graduate. aminnnnnnnnnnnnn.. harap2 ceq tak kantoi naaaa..

Starting from the interview, my knowledge about this course not totally zero, I did knew about what was it about, what are the field of my course. But, I have never know the machine and all these bulky things in this course until I got their offer to study in  UM Medical Centre and been sponsored by UM Medical Centre. Maybe if I wasn't here I might also thought people in this field of job just A PUSH BUTTON .

Actually, when we entering this course , automatically we are the future of Radiographer who had been trained to be in the unit paramedic. We have also need to learn about Anatomy Physiology, imaging process and imaging technique for three years. Some of the people out there, always make an assumption about us, we are just a staff of PUSHING BUTTON!!

The truth is YES! we PUSHING BUTTON. but do you know without the knowledge of us, could we easily push the button and shoot you and then display to the doctor too easy as we wish.. the answer is we need a knowledge in considerate the  dose for every part of our body. So without knowledge how can we work and how you guys can be in here (hospital) with believe that we are the pushing button?? ridiculous??

if I ask you?? do you willing to say the doctor is a holder of the stethoscope??? of course not!! they've learned for 10 years and then be judged by public in a bad way..

p/s: those who see me rarely trust my word: I must look too intelligent to keep it.

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