Wednesday, 22 May 2013

it is too much wasted

I feel wasted of buying a keow teow ladna and the ice tea for a dinner!!!!!! that is wasted! know why, because it will make my tummy distended!!! I don't wanna it's real! I don't want the distended. I love the way I am now, I feel glad with this.

since I was in Kelantan for two months, I feel my body getting weird, I love the old of me, with a skinny, and a flat tummy. Well, why I feel like my stomach is distended, maybe it was just a dream or maybe I having an extreme sight problem

when I wake up early in the morning after having my defecate, I will feeling better and see my flat tummy, on that I just can feel happy for just that reason. but the thing is, I'd still feel that I've wasted my time, my life and my money for taking a heavy food during breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I shouldn't take an ice tea for a drink in spite of just enough with a mineral water. unfortunately, I didn't practice it well while I am in Kelantan now, what I'm doing is, eat and eat and eat and just drink whatever I want without fix it with the right time when I should drink after having my meal, then I will feel regret for something that I've done by following my meal lust.

if before this, I was particularly disciplined with everything that I eat, drink at right time, drink only the white water, I am so determination with my lifestyle diet as it was guided by my dad since I was 13 years old. I shouldn't break this diet at all.

the most ever that I hate about myself when I'm being here is, I never had a jog every weekend. hmmm pity of me right.

so next week I will make sure, when I'm in Petaling Jaya, I will going to taman varsiti UM for a jog there. 2 times a week! yeahh! sit-ups will increase to 30-40 times twice a week. let's build up the muscle at this tummy!!

p/s: seriously, Kelantan and Penang are the food wonderland!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoying Their Great day


the capacity to love is tied to being able to be awake, to being able to move out of yourself and be with someone else in a manner that is not about your desire to possess them, but to be with them, to be in union and communion -- Bell Hooks
so today I will share with all the readers of this blog about the great day of all the women dreaming all about. It is a wedding ceremony that been held in Kelantan. This wedding was held on 18 May 2013, with the colour of the theme for this wedding were pink, soft pink and the decorations all over the 'pelamin' like a fairy tale world, it was so nice on that day, my friends and I didn't miss the chance to take as much pictures as we can in this ceremony. 
The wedding was nice, with the sequences of time that been scheduled for every type of guest to come as the space were limited, so their family had to manage the amount of their guest for that big day, so that it will running smoothly. aminn....
she is the bride


just to let them be nice and silent, I cheated them with a camera 

Friday, 10 May 2013

so busy

hai assalammualaikum, ya Allah , subhanallah. it's been a long time I didn't looking around here, dancing my fingers on my keypad for this place.
well for those feel regret to be my follower, you have to feel so, I admit it, I didn't update anything that had happened around me and update my story life in here.
for your information, I'm having a trouble in a managing my  time to do so, as I'm a final year student , full of my time, I'm just doing my final year project, touch up my final presentation, get ready to being beaten with a lot of hot questions from our lecturer.
alhamdulillah, everything had done well, and finished with full of  blessing. the result for the final year also been came out and now , in this new semester, I'm an attachment radiographers student in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia in Kubang Kerian Kelantan. I will be here for two months, starting from 7/4/13 to 30/5/2013,
I'm not alone but with  four of my friends.

here we are.. in HUSM
miss ppum

Sunday, 13 January 2013

a week in IJN

Assalammualaikum everyone
alhamdulillah, I'd still been given a chance to write something in here, so? what will be the story this time? oh yes, my best experience in IJN, Institut Jantung Negara.

well.. hmmm. Ya Allah! I felt so grateful being here, the atmosphere in here was very light and look so calmed. IJN like a Five stars hotel. okayyy.. before I was in here, there were so many things I'd thought , something like, the atmosphere. I was never thought their atmosphere in here was so calm, at first I thought it will be rushed and people in here were mostly serious and can't make any joke. The fact is, I was wrong, people in here were very good and talkative and sharing with us a lot of knowledge.

they  teach us, the simple anatomy and the simple note to understand. The fact and the reason had came together in their teaching process, so it helps us so much to understand. seriously, I've learned a lot. I felt so thankful and relief. it was because at least I've found the solutions to understand something that I like in my field.

seriously I love this place, and I wish to be their staff, and before the dreams come true, I want to be somebody that is good in everything , I bet 3 years might be enough to reach this. Amin....
it won't be a daydreaming but it will be real. Inshaa Allah.

the moments that I could share with you guys and being my sweet memory, In shaa Allah I'll be there too . amin

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