Tuesday 29 April 2014

pharyngitis.. ohHemGee...

hai guys, today's topic is about health . why I choose to write about Pharyngitis ? that's because I'm suffering this for a week. alhamdulillah just for a week and now I'm feeling more better than before.

how I know I got this? hmm I suddenly cough and it wasn't  cough  frequently , but it will cough when it wanted to spit out the sputum . when I spit out the sputum, the colour was red, not a dark red, but just a line of red. so there was blood in my sputum and I was panic and suddenly suspecting myself having PTB (pulmonary tuberculosis bacillus) . PTB is another subject, a disease that caused by an infection of  mycobacterium tuberculosis  to the lung (pulmonary).

the colours of our sputum have a meaning, well check this out:

  • Sputum that is white or clear show there is no other diseases that dangerous
  • Sputum that is white but froth may have been caused by inhalation cigarette smoke that is chronicIt also happens in those who suffer bronchitis disease.
  • Sputum that is green coloured or chocolate show the existence of infection in lungs. This type cough example is ill bronchitis and pneumonia (difficult to breathe, fever).Usually it due to bacterial germ infection.
  • Bloody or dark-coloured sputum like rust indicate something that much more serious. It may have been caused by cancertuberculosis (TB), etc. Quickly get further treatment.

at the first day I had this blood sputum, I thought it was temporary , but after 3 days it's still the same, I decided to meet the doctor at my staff healthcare clinic. after waiting for a 20 minutes (quite long for  me) my number been called and a female Indian doctor checked me and told me that there was a reddish around my throat and the blood sputum was came out from the reddish throat that I have.

This symptoms is more to Pharyngitis. it might happen because of cold or flu, but in my case I got it because of the weather nowadays , sometime rainy all day long, sometime warm, that's why the temperature of the body also keep changing and at some point this part also affected by this kind of situations. if you got a fever, hang out with smoker, it have a high tendency to have this kind of sickness. Most cases of pharyngitis occur during the colder months.

Alhamdulillah that I didn't wait for too long to meet the doctor as she said to me if I wait for a week to 2 weeks , I will got a fever, bad cough and flu that caused by  this pharyngitis. So she's giving me a prescription of medication that I  take it when it appropriate to do so.

ma medicine for a week, antibiotic, paracetamol , cetrizine, chlorphenamine and ubat batuk and liquid for the gargle session.

I list 6 medicines but only 2 that I need to consume, antibiotic and gargle liquid. others medicine just a preparation for any further symptoms like fever , cough or flu. 

so I left you guys with the tips that may help your sore throat feel better.

  • drink warm water, lemon tea or tea with honey 
  • take a vanilla ice cream, is good for your tonsil to let it cold 
  • avoid taking a soft drink like coke pepsi or any of carbonated drinks. 

Friday 25 April 2014

be positive turn off de bad talker

what is the kind of the title today? I'm not dancing my finger on this keypad to write all about sweet talker yawww, but I'm more to remind myself to always remember that all the bad that I've said towards people is the reflection of myself. So please be careful when you are closely to talk bad about the others.

sometimes, people like this can't live in a peaceful of mind without spreading the bad rumors about others, couldn't see people paid more on something , nobody can challenge them, otherwise he/she will try to compete with you

I know not only me facing this kind of situation, might be a lot of people had get through this situation. So wherever you are on this earth, you are the one that know better about what you do rather than outsiders. keep move on, stay calm and be mature in handling your problem, when the right time's come, all of their bad thought about you will reveals like a mirror to them. just be patient and until one point you have to burst then just go ahead with it.
who can stand isn't it?

this is your right to know what is it ? why they did that way to you? but remember , the rumors that have been spread have no principle of paying back. I mean is don't  ever  try to be like them, it isn't only wasting your time but it's more to lets you look stupid, idiot and so on. hahahahah..

stay calm and be positive .

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